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Advanced Docker: from testing to production

TMF workshop on applying Docker containers to medical research

8 December 2016. Docker is a recent yet popular software containerisation technology for the lean, resource-efficient virtualisation of IT applications. A TMF workshop in Berlin on 7 December 2016 provided in-depth guidance on Docker containers to attendees with prior experience. Specifically, it considered the orchestration of various containers, scenarios drawn from ongoing operations, and the deployment of container management solutions such as Google Kubernetes.

A TMF project initiated in late 2015 has explored the evaluation and deployment of Docker technology for biomedical research. A broad variety of tools can be migrated to Docker containers, and are available to researchers and IT decision-makers via a Docker Hub. These “dockable” resources include i2b2, tranSMART, the TMF PID generator, plus tools for the MOSAIC project at Greifswald University Hospital, and OpenClinica, an open-source software solution. 

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