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Infrastructures for Medical Research

The TMF is the umbrella organization for networked medical research in Germany. It is the platform for interdisciplinary exchange as well as cross-project and cross-location cooperation in order to identify and solve the organizational, legal/ethical and technological problems of modern medical research. Solutions range from expert opinions, generic concepts, and IT applications to checklists, practical guides, training, and consultation services. The TMF makes these solutions available to the public free of charge.


Our Mission

We bring together researchers in different disciplines and develop concepts, infrastructures, and methods that promote medical research. We thus increase the safety, quality, and efficiency of medical research, ensure the necessary standardization, and offer researchers, irrespective of their scientific issues, assistance in dealing with the increasingly complex legal and regulatory infrastructure of medical research.

Our Aims

Our aims in particular are the following:

  1. to improve the quality, organization, and cooperation of medical research;
  2. to clarify the legal and ethical foundations for performing medical research and to provide model solutions;
  3. to promote quality assurance and quality management in medical research, for example in the field of clinical studies and in biobanking;
  4. to develop and expand efficient IT infrastructures and to promote their implementation in cross-institutional networked structures;
  5. to make contributions to sustainable and efficient health research by means of improved transfer of research findings to patient care, and
  6. to inform researchers, patients, politicians, and journalists about medical research issues in an up-to-date, independent, and appropriate manner by means of science-based communication. 

Our Method of Work

Our technical work focuses on interdisciplinary dialog in the working groups. The experts involved in networked medical research, who come from a very wide range of disciplines, meet here regularly and exchange experiences. They analyze current problem areas of medical research from various angles and identify the need for solutions on a general basis.

As a result of the joint discourse it is possible to initiate scientific methodology projects and fund them with the TMF's own resources, for example in order to develop expert opinions, practical guides, tools, or services. By developing sustainable infrastructures for medical research we are also strengthening the position of Germany as a science location faced with European and international competition.

With our projects and events we also establish dialog between health sector institutions that do not necessarily communicate in day-to-day activities. The spectrum ranges from patient care, clinical research, research infrastructure experts, and the use of telematics to experts on issues of standardization or healthcare politics control. Researchers from universities come together with representatives of extra-university research institutes, whereby federal institutes are just as involved as professional societies and associations from related sectors. We thus make a major contribution toward avoiding the duplication of work and pooling resources.

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