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Who can become a member?

Research networks, research institutes, and research teams that devote themselves to medical science issues and their practical application or technical and methodological issues of networked medical research in collaboration across a number of institutes and/or locations, can become full members or associate members of the TMF.

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What are the benefits of TMF membership?

  1. Application for TMF-funded projects for the development of solutions that are of general interest for networked medical research.
  2. Free access to new publications in the TMF book series. Each new member receives a set of all the volumes that have been published to date, where currently available.
  3. Active co-organization of the development of topics and solutions for medical research, e.g. in the fields of data protection/ethics, IT infrastructure, or biobanking.
  4. Use of jointly developed solutions.
  5. Consultation and support in the creation of data protection concepts or in the local implementation of jointly developed solutions.
  6. Improved information exchange with other locations and know-how growth due to participation in the topic-based working groups.
  7. Joint representation of interests vis-à-vis the general public and politics, for example by means of joint official comments, at hearings in the German Parliament, or the like.
  8. Current information on the activities, projects, and results of the TMF through subscription to the online newsletter.
  9. Access to the protected area of the TMF website with diverse information and working documents.
  10. Participation in numerous topic-based workshops and symposia and methodological further training events held by the TMF (e.g. TMF School).

Full membership or associate membership?

Full members and associate members are all entitled to play an active role on the boards of the TMF and participate in the passing of resolutions by the association's bodies.

Full members are also entitled to be principal applicants for TMF-funded projects and hence exert a major influence on the development of joint solutions. In addition, full members can nominate candidates for the Board of Directors and hence strategically influence the work and ongoing development of the TMF at a central point.

The membership fee is € 20,000 per year for full members and € 6,000 per calendar year for associate members (no pro rata fees).


Any questions?

Please address all questions concerning membership of the TMF to the TMF Office in Berlin. The person to contact is Kerstin Splett (Tel: +49 (0) 30 – 22 00 24 771, E-Mail).  

Want to apply for membership?

Admission of a new member is at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the TMF. For your application there is an application form available as a download:

  1. Application form as PDF file (in German)
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