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15th International Open Forum on Metadata Registries Meets at the TMF

With the theme "Semantics Management and Discovery" this year's forum focuses on the healthcare sector

May 30, 2012. In order to expand their experience and knowledge in the field of metadata for clinical and epidemiological studies about 40 participants from Germany, Poland, Great Britain, Switzerland, and the US came together at the 15th International Open Forum on Metadata Registries in Berlin. "By holding this event the TMF is, for the first time, cooperating directly with the ISO and the National Cancer Institute," says Professor Dr. Jürgen Stausberg pleased, German delegate to Working Group 2 (ISO/IEC) and vice chair of the TMF working group IT-QM. Jürgen Stausberg is managing the event together with Denise Warzel from the US National Cancer Research Institute, who also chairs ISO/IEC Working Group 2.

Metadata registries are of international interest

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) have been devoting themselves to international knowledge transfer via standards in the development, operation and enhancement of metadata registries for many years. For this purpose they inaugurated the International Open Forum on Metadata Registries in 1987. The annual event is generally concerned with metadata in many different fields of application like telecommunication, the insurance sector, geo-information systems, and naturally the healthcare sector. Such metadata is collected and made available in registries. The TMF has also been participating in the development of a national metadata registry for Germany since 2009. From 2013 the people who will particularly benefit from the registry are clinical researchers who plan science-initiated studies and want to gather very high-quality data. The data model for the German registry will be based on the international standard ISO/IEC 11179.


  1. Download the slides of the event

Contact Persons for the Media:

Antje Schütt, Tel.: 030–31 01 19 56 | Beate Achilles, Tel.: 030–31 01 19 51 Email:



Denise Warzel (U.S. National Cancer Institute) gave a lecture on "ISO 11179 Metadata Registries (MDR)" and "ISO 19763 Metamodel Framework for Interoperability (MFI)". 


 Prof. Dr. Jürgen Stausberg (LMU München) talked about the topics "Healthcare: A National Metadata Repository for Empirical Research in Germany" and "Healthcare: The TMF and its Metadata and Linked Data Forum".

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