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TMF Products & Services

Expert opinions & consultation, concepts & IT applications

The products and services offered by TMF include the preparation of expert opinions, generic concepts, specimen texts, and IT applications, as well as training and consultation provided by the working groups, also in the form of individual consultation.

TMF Products & Services are accessible for all researchers in Germany and beyond.

TMF has developed standardized terms of use and licensing conditions for the majority of its products. On the one hand, these ensure free availability of the results for medical research and, on the other hand, ensure that TMF receives feedback from users, which can then be used in further development of the products. 

  1. Copyright and Licencing Provisions [pdf | 123 kb]

P000011 - Pseudonymisation software

P000022 - Generic Data Concepts 2.0

P000031 - Expert opinion on sponsor responsibility

P000032 - Specimen documents on sponsor responsibility

P010011 - Legal Opinion on Biobanking

P010012 - Specimen Contracts for Biobanking

P010021 - Data Protection Concept for Biobanking

P010031 - Quality Management in Biobanking

P010211 - BMB Co-operation in the EU

P014012 - Software library for data protection concept (model A)

P015011 - PID generator

P017011 - Informed Consent – Guideline

P017021 - Informed Consent – Online-Assistent

P017031 - Informed Consent - Checklist

P019011 - System validation master plan

P019012 - Audit concepts for computer systems

P019013 - System validation – Training documentation

P020012 - Data quality guidelines

P020021 - Statistical tables on data quality

P020031 - Data quality software

P021011 - SAS macros for clinical studies

P022021 - Legal Opinion on rights of utilisation

P022022 - Specimen Texts for matters of exploitation

P024011 - Author portal for guideline development

P027011 - Training documentation for the legal framework of IITs

P028011 - Checklist for the legal framework of IITs

P0320xx - SOPs for Clinical Studies

P034011 - SDTM converter

P039031 - Legal Opinion on data protection in medical research

P042011 - Legal Opinion on electronic archiving

P042021 - Expert Opinion on conventional file formats for electronic archiving

P042031 - Expert Opinion on the use of CDISC-ODM for electronic archiving

P042041 - Expert Opinion on economic aspects of electronic archiving

P052011 - Legal Opinion on data custodianship

P052012 - Specimen Contract for data custodianship

P058011 - German Biobank Registry

P062011 - Clinical Evaluation, Clinical Studies and HTA for Medical Devices

P075011 - Training Documents on Medical Device Regulation

P100101 - National Metadata Repository

Anon Tool - Software prevent the re-identification

P100301 - R-Program package for optimisation and flexible adaptation of multi-stage designs for genome-wide association studies

P100401 - Architecture for patient recruitment from hospital information systems (HIS)

Informed consent and research information for obtaining animal specimens -

P100701 - Phase II package

P100801 - Primary database for microbiology data

P100901 - Descriptions of IT requirements for cohorts and registers

Integrated Data Repository Toolkit - Tools to integrate data in i2b2

Secondary Use of Clinical Data: A Guide to the Legal Framework in Germany - Publication in the TMF book series

Terminologies and Classification Systems in Medicine - Survey and recommendations for the German-speaking countries

P101401 - ToolPool Health Research

P999021 - Hosting for SAE software

P999031 - Licence granting for SAE software

P999041 - Assessment of biobanks

P999051 - Assessment of data protection concepts

P999061 - Expert Opinion on Biobanking in Germany

P999071 - Specimen contracts - Contracted software developement and cession of utilisation rights

P999081 - repliCheckSNP

P999091 - Supplemental sheet for genotyping data

P999101 - Catalogue of fluorescence cluster types

P999111 - Report templates for pharmakovigilance software

P999112 - Narrative script for pharmacovigilance software

P999201 - Quality management of high throughput genotyping data

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