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Improving the infrastructure for medical research

An efficient, high-quality infrastructure is a major precondition for cutting-edge research. The principal aim of the TMF is therefore to improve the organization and infrastructure for networked medical, i.e. clinical, epidemiological and translational, research. The notion of infrastructure as an integral part of research goes well beyond purely technological issues. Accordingly, the TMF activities, projects and products can be grouped into central topics – from frameworks and IT infrastructure through quality management and biobanking to questions relating to network management and public relations.

A large majority of the TMF's work is carried out in numerous projects which, for the most part, are initiated by members and supervised by the working groups. Suggestions for new projects go through a selection process that comprises several stages – from technical evaluation and fine-tuning in the project groups and working groups through consultation in the TMF Office and assessment by the Board of Directors. This process ensures that the problems addressed in the projects are of relevance to the research community and that the solution being pursued finds a broad consensus for subsequent application.

All the TMF projects are listed below in descending chronological order. Click on the submenu items for a short description and details of the related TMF projects and products.


  1. TMF-List of Products with Commentaries [pdf | 48 KB]



D130-01 PERMIT

PERsonalised MEdicIne Trials

[Drittmittelprojekt  | laufend] Ziel ist es, Empfehlungen zu erarbeiten, die die Robustheit von Studien zur personalisierten Medizin sicherstellen. Dazu gehört auch eine Validierung der Stratifizierungsmethoden. Dies wird erreicht durch Workshops mit ausgewählten Expertinnen und Experten zu verschiedenen Aspekten der Methodik, des Designs, der Datenverwaltung, der Analyse und der Interpretation in Forschungsprogrammen der personalisierten Medizin.

Aktivitäten und Fortschritt 2021

  • Durchführung eines Workshops zur Ethik der personalisierten Medizin


Ausblick 2022

  • Auswertung des Workshops und eventuell Veröffentlichung



Irene Schlünder (TMF)


02/2020 – 07/2022

Bewilligte Mittel (Anteil TMF):

57.500 €



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